You Are Good Enough

If you have ever wrestled with feeling like you’re not good enough then you should definitely check out this new E-Series by Lisa Harper.  This video hits home for me because it's something I've struggled with my whole life.  I have often dealt with feeling not good enough, worrying that people didn’t like me and trying to work for their approval. 

Many times, it has felt like no matter how hard I tried or worked, I still wasn’t good enough.  Unfortunately, there were many times that feeling led to comprising my beliefs and values in order to try to gain the approval or love of others.  For anyone who has ever been there, we all know how that usually ends: a broken heart.  Lisa specifically talks about this in the first video of the series, reminding us we are good enough and we should never settle.  We are God’s and he thinks we are absolutely amazing. 

She uses the book of Song of Solomon to illustrate just how much we really are loved by God, and explains how the intense love Solomon and Shulamite had for each other represents the enormous love Jesus has for us. I have heard her make this connection  in other videos, and I always find it fascinating to hear her explain the connection.  We often think of Song of Solomon as a passionate story of two lovers, so it can be weird to connect it Jesus’ love for us.  However, when we think about it, Jesus loves us more intimately and passionately than we can ever imagine, beyond our wildest dreams.  And Song of Solomon is pretty wild.  So, it might not really be that long of a stretch to connect the two. 

I personally relate to this video and the rest of the series because it wasn’t until I met Jesus that I finally began to feel good enough.  It didn’t happen overnight, but as I grew closer and closer to God and learned more about how much He really loved me, I realized I am good enough. He sees me as beautiful, perfect, wonderful, amazing, and lovely and will never leave my side no matter what.  I realized the only person’s approval that really matters is God's.  I am here to please Him and Him alone. 

When I live my life seeking only God’s approval, and not the approval of others, it is incredible how much confidence and hope I have in my life.  I can stand strong and confident in who I am because the God of the entire universe loves and wants me. 

Lisa says in the video that Jesus looks at us and thinks, “With one glance, you captured my heart.”  My heart fills with such joy when I think that little old me captures Jesus’ heart. And if I capture the heart of JESUS, why on earth would anyone else’s opinion matter?  Still, I can often slip back into thinking I’m not good enough, and I needed the encouragement in Lisa’s video today.  If you have ever struggled or are struggling with thinking you are not good enough, I encourage you to check out this video and the rest of the series.  

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