Is there anything thicker than blood?

Ed had a tumultuous life. His mother died tragically when he was just 3 years old forcing Ed to live move in with a foster family, his godparents. Ed was given an amazing education and it was assumed that he would join his foster father in his prospering business, but Ed had different dreams. Ed wasn’t your typical student and struggled so much in college that he was finally brought home. Having reached a difficult spot Ed joined the military in hopes of pursuing his dream, but with no support from his foster father, Ed finally gave up the military life altogether. Ed’s family thought his dreams of become a writer were silly and frivolous leading only to a life of poverty and heartbreak. However, Edward Allan Poe, having finally deciding to pursue his dream went on to make a significant impact on American literature, though dying at the early age of 40 years old. There is little doubt that Edward was born to be a writer, and generations have enjoyed his gift.

It only takes a cursory glance at Scripture to know that Jesus had opposition. The religious elite of the day strongly opposed Jesus for multiple reasons. Jesus was bad for their business, as he brought a message of hope and unity with God and did not charge for it. Rather than using the Scripture as a shackle around the ankles of the people, Jesus unshackled the people and brought a gospel of peace and freedom, rather than separate, Jesus brought together. Yes, the religious leaders were not believers in Jesus, but at least he had his family, right? Well, not so much! As we can see, even Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe in him, and were basically challenging him to step up and prove this crazy Messiah talk. It’s hard to believe that people who had grown up with Jesus would treat him this way, especially when others were against him. Maybe they had never heard blood is thicker than water. However, Jesus was not alone, there were many who closely followed Jesus, who believed in him, not because of they were told to, but because of their experience with Jesus. Each of these people had a story, and no one could take that away. You see, they were bound to Jesus in a way that transcended family ties, they were bound by the Spirit of God, belief and faith, a faith that led to personal transformation. This is what Jesus offers us today, a bond that is thicker than genetics, a bond forged in the blood of our savior, and one that no one can take away.

On today’s road: Have you ever felt like you were all alone, everyone including your family has turned their backs on you? It’s easy to hide our stories away because we feel like it would just be easier if we did. Guess what, Jesus understands completely. Those that followed Jesus as disciples knew that no matter what, they shared an experience with Jesus, and it didn’t matter who believed them and who didn’t, it was real. You never have to walk this road alone, there are many of us walking together, come join us.

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